Feel well protected, even abroad

Travelling is about making unique memories and enjoying unforgettable moments of relaxation. You like to be fully prepared before you leave: nothing left behind, everything carefully packed in your suitcase. But have you thought about travel insurance? Make sure your insurance protects you from the risks of travelling, or your dream vacation could become a nightmare.

I have the expertise to choose the best coverage for you and your family, based on your needs. You can choose from a wide range of travel insurance options:

  • Trip cancellation
  • Family coverage
  • Medical coverage
  • Coverage period

The cost of medical care and emergency services abroad can add up extremely quickly. Travel with peace of mind: make an appointment now!


Enjoy smooth sailing with our many coverage options

Emergency medical treatment

Avoid nasty surprises in the event of an emergency while you’re away! Protect yourself with coverage that includes hospital expenses, doctor’s and nurse’s fees as well as medications prescribed with emergency treatment.

Annual emergency medical insurance

Do you take several trips a year? Annual insurance may be a better option for you. Enjoy the same coverage options on all of the trips you take in a year, as well as affordable premiums.

Emergency medical insurance for expatriates

This insurance solution covers emergency medical expenses outside of the province or country, even for expats.

Get travel insurance online in 2 easy steps.

Travel insurance: get ready for takeoff

The number of travellers is on the rise, and you’ll see this trend reflected in the seemingly endless travel insurance options available. Your credit card offers you coverage? What exactly does it cover?

Before you leave, it is strongly recommended that you find out what you’re insured for. Don’t get caught off guard in unfamiliar territory! As an expert on travel insurance, I can offer you a comprehensive solution. Pack your bags, secure your travel insurance and leave all your cares behind!